Matt Towery

Now I'm told that the great Ann Coulter intends to take Gingrich to the woodshed this week, questioning his conservative credentials. Lord knows, I won't argue with such a bright and successful person. But I will ask one question of her. Ann, when we were toiling in little offices on the Hill back in 1982 coming up with the Conservative Opportunity Society, where were you? Do you even know what that group was or who led it? It was Newt Gingrich.

I respect Coulter as a great pundit, writer and personality, but if you are going to call Romney "the conservative" in the GOP race for president, why not throw a bone to a man like Paul -- who really stands for the freedom and liberty we all cherish.

Or better yet, don't trash Gingrich in an effort to rewrite Republican history. I don't need to read it -- I lived it.

So keep your eyes peeled for the "revisionist historians" on one side and the patriotic candidate with the bad-fitting suit on the other. They mean no harm. After all, it's just the presidency we are talking about.

Matt Towery

Matt Towery is a former National Republican legislator of the year and author of Powerchicks: How Women Will Dominate America.
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