Matt Towery

Having ridden one of these shutdowns out with a former Republican speaker, I can already prepare folks for what they know already will happen. The media establishment in New York and Washington will skewer Boehner and the Republicans. They'll claim that the speaker is caving in to the "tea party" element of his Republican House membership.

Then the stories will pop up about some poor souls who didn't get some services or entitlements that government usually delivers. There will be stories of government workers, stuck in their freezing houses without a job. Hearts will bleed, and those brilliant women on "The View" will probably work themselves up into such frenzy that, save the show's one conservative token host, they will all stomp off the stage in protest, or at least we can only hope so.

President Barack Obama and Sen. Reid simply did not get the message that the American people sent them in November. That Obama's approval ratings have risen, for what I consider to have been an adequate job of dealing with the Egyptian crisis, should not be misread as an endorsement of his fiscal policies or his domestic agenda.

If anything, Americans are horrified to learn that they sent billions of dollars to support an ally, only to learn that the dictatorial leader of Egypt likely skimmed much of the money off for himself. That's hardly "foreign aid you can believe in."

The GOP must stand its ground on the budget deficit, regardless of what the so-called "mainstream media" thinks about their efforts. It only took two short shutdowns before former President Bill Clinton started working toward deficit reductions and a balanced budget. Let's see if President Obama will learn the same lesson, and by the same hard way.

Matt Towery

Matt Towery is a former National Republican legislator of the year and author of Powerchicks: How Women Will Dominate America.
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