Matt Towery

As for Bush, I've been quick to point out that the White House has maintained a weak hold on public sentiment. As predicted months ago, the president had very low approval ratings by the effective end of the Democratic presidential nomination sweepstakes. Indeed, much to the delight of the Warren Buffetts of the world, the president runs a genuine risk of losing in November. But that is primarily a function of the Bush team's somewhat lethargic and misguided response to the rash of media reports that spotlight the problems of our day, including the so-called "jobless recovery."

The fact is that following 9-11, we have enjoyed a miraculous recovery in our financial markets. Our skies, bridges and ports are safer today because of Bush's efforts. Now companies that employ Americans are growing and starting to invest in the all-important development of future products and services.

Even so, the Bush campaign would better spend its money in telling the American people the good news they otherwise are unlikely to hear. Right now, the only message the president's handlers are getting out is that the nation should stay the current course, and that we should trust Bush because he knows what America needs. But no specifics are offered. If they continue down this road, the Bush team will waste their campaign's financial advantage and gain few points in the polls.

And in the process, they will continue to leave the door open for people like Warren Buffett, who owns more jets, insurance companies and (obviously) cash than he knows what to do with. Buffett will keep fueling the fires of class warfare, a battle that is safely removed from his own "untouchably wealthy class."

Matt Towery

Matt Towery is a former National Republican legislator of the year and author of Powerchicks: How Women Will Dominate America.
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