Matt Patterson

So how do you get to a single-payer system in America? Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) was singularly honest when he confessed, "I think that if we get a good public option it could lead to single payer and that is the best way to reach single payer." Both the House and Senate versions of ObamaCare contained a public option (though this was stripped from the Senate version at the insistence of moderates). Barney Frank knows, as the President surely must, that a public option would squeeze private insurance out of existence until government is the only game in town. ¬ Voila single-payer!

When discussing Obama's health care plan, it is wise to recall the President's economic philosophy as explained to Joe Wurzelbacher on the campaign trail in 2008: "When you spread the wealth around, it's good for everybody." Obama here clearly revealed his belief that "wealth" is not private property earned and owned by individuals, but the government's ¬ the collective's ¬ to distribute as they deem fit and fair.

If this is not socialism, then what is?

A Bolshevik is an early 20th century Russian revolutionary; a plot is a plan hatched in secret. Obama is not the former and has not engaged in the latter. However, the President and his allies have openly strived to socialize significant aspects of American society through health care reform. By fabricating a bogus "Bolshevik" charge, Obama cleverly avoided addressing the actual - and legitimate - charge of socialism.

Matt Patterson

Matt Patterson is senior editor at the Capital Research Center and contributor to Proud to be Right: Voices of the Next Conservative Generation (HarperCollins, 2010). His email is