Matt Kibbe

As conservative candidates Dan Liljenquist in Utah and Richard Mourdock in Indiana have proven over the past several weeks, the primary end game has changed. Conservative Republican voters aren’t looking to elect Republican yes-men, they are looking to elect the candidates that will most consistently fight to keep government within the limits set by the Constitution.

The Tea Party demonstrated in 2010 and will show again in 2012 that no one –regardless of political affiliation- is safe if they are the enemies of liberty. I highly doubt this “delights” the Democrats as the former Senator claimed in his column.

The argument has also been made that 2012 will be different than 2010. I agree with this, however for a very different reason. This November will be different because in 2010 we took everyone by surprise. This year, Senators Dick Lugar, Orrin Hatch and the sitting Democrats have had two years to prepare us. They knew we were coming, and they are losing anyway.

Why are they losing? Because establishment Republicans like Orrin Hatch and Dick Lugar are trying to fight a larger, societal trend towards more freedom and choice. They are attempting to dictate what’s “in our best interests,” rather than listening to what the American people want.

Americans are saying no more bailouts like TARP. No more spending money we don’t have. No more special interests putting their own agenda first at the expense of our families. No more self-righteous politicians thinking they know best; we already have Barack Obama.

And when you no longer accurately represent the interests of your constituents at home, it’s time to go.

Matt Kibbe

Matt Kibbe is the president of FreedomWorks.

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