Matt Kibbe

“I think that they should take a look at what their companies are doing and just ask themselves as human beings whether or not this is the way they want to spend their lives, if this is the way they want to earn a living, if this is the kind of contribution they want to make to the society in which we live.”

-- Al Gore

By now, you probably are used to hearing lectures like this one from the former Vice President and Oscar winner, Hollywood’s favorite environmental scold. It’s hard to avoid his didactic preaching about your conspicuous consumption of energy. This past weekend Gore played host to what Rolling Stone predicted would be “the biggest concert in history,” the multi-city Live Earth. In massive venues across the globe, fans saw top acts spanning the musical spectrum, from the newly reunited Police, to Madonna to Snoop Dogg. Promoters had predicted that 2 billion people would tune in via television, radio and internet, but a small fraction actually did. One inconvenient truth is that Live Earth was a bit of a flop from a PR perspective.

But hundreds of thousands of rock fans did drive and fly to see the shows live in venues like Giants Stadium. All of this entertainment came with a healthy dose of moralizing against Big Oil and any human activity that produces carbon dioxide. Kevin Wall, venture capitalist and Live Earth organizer, had already given us a taste of the buzz kill fans were subjected to at the show. “From this stage, it’s no more f@#king excuses: No more coal-energy plants can be built. Three percent a year reduction in carbon emissions in all industrialized nations.” Robert F. Kennedy Jr., took it a step further at the show, denouncing everyone that disagreed with him as “traitors,” flat-earthers and corporate toadies.

Matt Kibbe

Matt Kibbe is the president of FreedomWorks.

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