Matt Barber

Let's take a peep into what was, until recently, a little known — yet always twisted — mindset within the "gay" culture. The popular QueerToday blog provides us a window. While addressing the Craig situation they candidly ask, "Why express horror at the fact that some members of our community get off in bathrooms or in parks? … What harm has it done to anyone physically or psychologically?"

No, I'm not kidding. Many "gays" can't imagine why folks oppose men having anal sex in restroom facilities shared by families and children. And to ask — presumptively with a straight face — "what harm is done to anyone physically…" boggles the mind. In fact, statistics show that QueerToday might more aptly be named, "QueerToday, Gone Tomorrow."

Let me explain.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney responded to news of the Craig scandal saying that, if true, his actions were, "disgusting," "disappointing" and "disgraceful." But Romney forgot another important d-word fitting to his description: "deadly."

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently released a report indicating that the vast majority of men with deadly HIV/AIDS in America were infected through homosexual contact. Furthermore, the CDC has reported that homosexual men are, by far, most susceptible to nearly all forms of other sexually transmitted disease. In short; studies have shown that homosexual men have a markedly shorter lifespan than heterosexuals.

But don't dare mention the medical pitfalls of homosexuality out loud or the PC police will come-a-knockin.

Just ask Jim Naugle, the Democratic Mayor of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He's been raked over the coals by homosexual activists and liberal media for addressing this very problem in his city. He's vowed to crack down on public sex and has suffered the wrath of the homosexual community for doing so. They've bellowed that the problem doesn't exist and demanded he resign. Enter Larry Craig. The scandal couldn't have come at a worse time. The coverage of Craig's arrest has drawn unwanted attention to this very real aspect of the homosexual lifestyle and activists are left embarrassed, with egg on their face to soak up those crocodile tears.

Mayor Naugle is left vindicated.

But even so, liberals are spinning the Craig affair hard left. First they claimed that Craig isn't "gay." That he — I guess — is really a married heterosexual who just happens to like sex with men (I know, I was confused too).

C'mon — Homosexual behavior is homosexual behavior. It doesn't matter if a person is married or not. Whether someone chooses to define their identity based upon their own sexually deviant behavior is irrelevant. It doesn't matter whether a man self-identifies as "gay." It's a distinction without a difference.

Missing the mark on that one, they then claimed that Craig's actions somehow show that society's non-acceptance of homosexuality forces closeted "gay" men into public toilets to live out "who they really are."

But the opposite is true. In today's pop culture homosexuality is glorified. The lifestyle has been Will-and-Grace-ified. Not only is being "gay" or "bi-sexual" widely accepted, it's hip and trendy. By engaging in, enabling and promoting anonymous "gay" sex, the homosexual lobby has merely created a convenient vehicle for perversion. Cultural acceptance of sexual deviancy simply breeds more sexual deviancy.

No, their real gripe is with the public at large. The negative outcry over the allegations against Craig and the fact that the scandal is a scandal at all actually proves that, to most Americans, morality still matters.

Matt Barber

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