Mary Katharine Ham

Posted February 03, 2007

This week, the political world is on fire with the news that the first tolerably clean, well-spoken, and non-threatening black man ever has stormed onto the American political stage, poised to take his rightful spot at the head of the pack of Democratic presidential hopefuls. Or so Joe Biden tells us.

Posted January 26, 2007

The distance between the communities "defended" by environmentalists against development and the communities themselves is often large, both philosophically and literally.

Posted January 19, 2007

An unseasonable freeze wiped out 75 percent of California’s orange crop this week, but Congress is planning to wipe out any “price gouging” Big Orange executives have in mind.

Posted January 08, 2007

It's official. "Nifong" is now a verb. The journey from mere person to Urban Dictionary verb is always an ignominious one, and Durham D.A. Mike Nifong's lexical fall from grace was shameful indeed.

Posted January 05, 2007

I was reading the President's Wall Street Journal op-ed the other day, and came across a word I hadn't heard in a while:

Posted December 29, 2006

Since the mainstream media has had little interest in telling you any of the good things about Duke Lacrosse for balance, I thought I’d tell you.

Posted December 22, 2006

Washington Post movie reviewer Stephen Hunter called it “a radically conservative encomium to trying hard, to capitalism, to salesmanship, to Dean Witter, to never saying die, and to reaping the big reward.”

Posted December 08, 2006

I know a Marine. He sits in a bar in North Carolina. He came there by way of Fallujah. The same close-cropped blonde fuzz glimmers on his head in the dim light as burned under the hot sun of Iraq.

Posted December 01, 2006

Should you bother taking the time to try to figure it out? You’ll be glad you did. Stick with me.

Posted November 17, 2006

Bloggers talk to California's Dan Lungren (3rd) about his run for House Republican Conference Chairman. He serves as the Chairman of the Homeland Security Subcommitte on Economic Security, Infrastructure Protection, and Cybersecurity.

Posted November 16, 2006

Bloggers hold a conference call with John Boehner from Ohio's 8th. Boehner was first elected in 1990 and currently serves as House Majority Leader.

Posted November 15, 2006

Bloggers continue the conversation with Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee (7th) She was first elected in 2002 and currently serves as the Assistant Majority Whip.

Posted November 15, 2006

On Tuesday, bloggers talk to Representative John Shadegg (R - AZ) who is running for Minority Whip. Shadegg is the former Chairman of the Republican Study Committee.

Posted November 14, 2006

Bloggers talk to Congressman Pence who is seeking to lead the Republican minority.

Posted November 14, 2006

Congressman Roy Blunt, running for Minority Leader, held a conference call with bloggers

Posted November 02, 2006

Looking for a reason to get involved this election cycle? Look no further than Michael Steele, running for Senate in Maryland against Democrat Ben Cardin.

Posted October 27, 2006

This election cycle has sounded like a sicko version of that old Dr. Pepper ad. So many people are racists, it’s hard to keep up!

Posted October 16, 2006

If Columbia University were acting in loco parentis, it’d have the rioters run out in the backyard and pick a switch to get whooped with. Instead, the administration is writing letters to the rioters, and dis-inviting guests for other conservative lectures for fear of the audience reaction.

Posted October 02, 2006

I got more mail from last week’s column than any of my others—some from grandmas, some from single gals, some from shooting instructors. I got new stories, weapon recommendations, invitations to the shooting range.

Posted September 25, 2006

Do you wonder what kind of story it takes to warm my cold, conservative heart? Well, wonder no longer.