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I got more mail from last week’s column than any of my others—some from grandmas, some from single gals, some from shooting instructors. I got new stories, weapon recommendations, invitations to the shooting range.

I am very proud to report that I inspired at least two women to put a handgun on their wish lists:

Thanks for that column. I have been thinking of getting a gun and this makes me think about getting it sooner!

Thank you so much for sharing this info! This just made my day! I loved it!

I have now added a .380 to my Christmas list!

I heard from several grandmas, all of them armed, but Peggy was my favorite:

I am a 5'1" grandmother and have carried a gun for several years. Hopefully, I will never have to use it, but I feel much safer knowing that it is there. I carry a purse designed to hold the gun safely, and plan on appying for the lifetime permit.

Of course, I was not without my detractors. This one was priceless:

I want to protest your glorification of violence as a means of conflict resolution. Violence is an incorrect and reactionary response directed by overprivileged segments of an oppressive society toward that society's victims…

The so called "victims" in your essay may have saved their lives, but they lost something more valuable: the moral high ground.

Right, I’d hate to get all reactionary on some guy trying to rob or rape me, thereby losing the moral high ground. Uh-huh.

Someone sent me this story about his wife:

Several years ago my wife Joan was entering a local supermarket, saw a thug grab a lady's purse, yank so hard she was knocked down, but she refused to give up her purse. A second thug, next to my wife, grabbed her purse & she pulled back, drew her .380 auto; he said "Holy [expletive], she's got a gun!!" They both turned loose and fled; Ladies both ok.

This story from early September is one of my favorites:

A 56-year-old wheelchair-bound New York City woman on her way to target practice with her small dog on her lap shot and wounded a would-be mugger.

Mary Katharine Ham

Mary Katharine Ham is editor-at-large of, a contributor to Townhall Magazine.

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