Mary Katharine Ham

When it comes to some of these races, particularly Michigan and New Jersey, Townhall readers have the unique chance to turn these important Senate seats from blue to red with just a couple bucks. Can you feel it? You know you want to jump in, get that good ol’ Daschle-toppling feeling of days gone by.

This week, we want to get 100 donations for each candidate on our Rightroots list. With 21 candidates, it’s a challenge, but one we can easily meet with the help of dedicated Townhall readers. If you’ve been thinking about donating, and just haven’t gotten around to it, or, if you’ve been thinking you don’t have much to give, don’t sweat it. We want you involved. Every little bit can help, especially in a tight House race.

In the past week, the Democrats have threatened ABC’s broadcast license because the network aired a docudrama that called into question the legacy of the Clinton years. They’ve accused Republicans and the President of politicizing 9/11 simply by observing it. And, one of the Dems’ Hollywood buddies said, “radical Christianity is just as threatening as radical Islam in a country like America.”

Do we want these guys in charge? They’re counting on you to do nothing in ’06. You can dash their hopes by pitching in on the Rightroots effort, right now, right there from your computer.

Thank you so much for your help. I wouldn’t ask you if I didn’t think our Townhall readers were up for it. These candidates are solid candidates who share your values. I’d be honored and appreciative if you’d consider giving them a hand.

Speaker Pelosi? Surely, we can prevent that.

Mary Katharine Ham

Mary Katharine Ham is editor-at-large of, a contributor to Townhall Magazine.

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