Mary Grabar

Posted December 25, 2008

Tis the season. . . for atheist Grinches to display their hatred of Christmas by trying to stomp out one of the most visible displays of Christianity in a country founded, and still operating on, Judeo-Christian principles.

Posted September 28, 2008

The final issue of American Home, the oldest Slovenian newspaper in the world arrived in my mailbox last month. The masthead, as always, featured the Statue of Liberty and the slogan, “American in Spirit; Foreign in Language Only."

Posted September 14, 2008

Every morning God wakes me up and whispers in my ear, “Goest thou, Mary, through Cyber Land and write for the people.

Posted August 31, 2008

The reaction from feminist women within hours of the announcement of McCain’s selection of her as his running mate reveals the true nature of this “sisterhood.”

Posted August 20, 2008

Is John McCain’s campaign sputtering along the same track that Gerald Ford’s and Bob Dole’s did? History--after November 4, 2008--will tell.

Posted June 22, 2008

When I heard that a major part of Barack Obama’s resume included a stint as a “community organizer,” I asked myself what the term meant.

Posted June 15, 2008

It appears that my use of war metaphors in the opening paragraph of my last column confused a number of people, including someone who blogs at both the American Spectator and the Huffington Post.

Posted June 09, 2008

An Obama presidency would signal the final salvo by the Left in the culture wars.

Posted May 26, 2008

Noah Harris, a Christian gentleman, scholar, and soldier, displayed his code of honor everywhere--in the classroom, the football field, and the battle field.

Posted May 25, 2008

Rochester was once a place of hope for DP’s who had spent years in unsanitary barracks of Austrian camps, working as day laborers on farms.

Posted May 10, 2008

One of the unwritten codes for white teachers teaching in public schools has been that when it comes time to discipline a black student, the task should be left to another black teacher or administrator.

Posted May 04, 2008

In my ignorance, I once held hopes of gaining entrance into a club more exclusive than any country club or nightclub.

Posted April 27, 2008

Did you think that by coddling children, by constantly asking their opinions and treating them like natural-born geniuses that you’d make good citizens of them?

Posted April 20, 2008

Well, Barack, coming from your Ivy League world, you would not know much about us.

Posted April 06, 2008

I saw the banner held by the ten “brave” grannies arrested for protesting the Iraq War in front of an Atlanta Army recruiting station on March 17.

Posted March 30, 2008

As predictable as a college freshman telling me that the “A” sewn on Hester Prynne’s dress symbolizes Puritanical hypocrisy were the commentaries about the Puritanical hypocrisy of the prosecution of Eliot Spitzer.

Posted March 10, 2008

Who would have thought that the gender-barrier crusader Hillary Clinton would be in such a tight race against a candidate before whom young women swoon?

Posted February 17, 2008

Books attacking religion, particularly Christianity, have earned quite a bit of money recently for publishers and their authors. Pundits are now having a field day attacking Mike Huckabee’s stance on evolution.

Posted December 26, 2007

As I wind down from this semester of teaching everything from prepositional phrases to Paradise Lost, I’d thought I’d share my own list of recommended reading.

Posted December 23, 2007

I get some pretty irate emails from anonymous readers, but I have yet to be threatened with a lawsuit from someone who does not identify herself except by the return address.