Mary Grabar

This is the chance to do what Henry David Thoreau did by his act of “civil disobedience,” which gave him a night in the jail and a good meal. Many a freshman has been inspired by reading his essay on civil disobedience, especially under the tutelage of a radical professor who forgets to mention that only under a civil government is civil disobedience possible. The tank drivers in Tiananmen Square apparently had never heard of the concept.

I think these grannies were taught the same things about civil disobedience during their “teach-ins” on campus. I suppose they’re under the delusion that they’re “making a difference” by being arrested. I would suggest that it’s a case of “arrested development.”

Among the grannies’ chants were such originals as “End this war” and “Save the children.” They would do the world more good by learning punctuation and home schooling their grandchildren, who need to get out of the indoctrination centers called public schools that overlook basic skills in favor of teaching “social justice.”

Mary Grabar

Mary Grabar earned her Ph.D. in English from the University of Georgia and teaches in Atlanta. She is organizing the Resistance to the Re-Education of America at Her writing can be found at