Mary Grabar

For too long Christians have been in retreat. Lately, several men with very little knowledge of theology or cultural history have foisted tracts on to a public that has been denied exposure to the rich tradition of Christianity upon which our rights, our values, and highest forms of art are based. A handful of smug "scientists" (Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris, among them) have come along displaying their ignorance in pedestrian prose.

Like the big Liar, they look for and exploit weaknesses. The flock has been demoralized both by the weasels (called humanities professors) nipping at them when they were young and vulnerable, and by the leaders of churches who have either sacrificed some lambs (hoping to appease these atheist hyenas) or have simply retreated from the world.

In the public universities today, professors wax on about the wonders of Islam or Native American scalp dances, but stutter apologetically about "oppression," "hegemony," and "imperialism" when they present the great works of our Western tradition. Smart-alecky graduate teaching assistants express their desire to disabuse undergraduates of the Christian beliefs and values they enter college with. Craven tenured professors give in to feminists strutting in high heels and mini skirts or in Dickies pants; they meekly follow the order of the feminist department heads to place on their syllabi the learning objective, "an understanding of gender, cultural, and ethnic diversity." At faculty meetings they nod and express agreement about the need for "diversity," as the great literary works like Paradise Lost are replaced by such vile things as the lyrics of Tupac Shakur (true story).

But we need to be reminded that Christians started almost all of the major universities in this country. If it weren't for Christians, the atheists would be chanting into the fire and clubbing each other over the head for food and women. But contrary to the historical evidence, the atheists claim to have the moral high ground, to be the most civilized, while cashing in royalty checks. Christians' own recent timidity is partly to blame.

The Catholic Church abandoned its rich traditions and emphasis on scholasticism while priests went protesting and parishioners wore jeans to mass. The Church adopted the ways of the world (and a pretty bad world at that in the 1960s), and rather than allowing the Gospel to work through souls, caved in to political demands. The Catholic Church has sacrificed lambs on the altar of political correctness.

Mary Grabar

Mary Grabar earned her Ph.D. in English from the University of Georgia and teaches in Atlanta. She is organizing the Resistance to the Re-Education of America at Her writing can be found at