Regarding policy, the book makes an important clarification: Progressive policies are not only championed by the Democrats. Republicans are also guilty. Jack Hunter writes in a chapter introduction: “I’ve been a conservative for my entire adult life and for all of that time government has gotten bigger. This has been especially true when Republicans have been in power. What went wrong?” He attributes it to Republicans who pursue a “Democrat-lite agenda” -- failing to curb the progression towards bigger government.

It is not a party that needs to be defeated -- it is policies.

Towards the end of the book, the principles established throughout come to a time-sensitive conclusion: This information should be used as a tool to take America back. DeMint sees 2012 as a turning point, arguing, “These problems will not be solved by the same people who created them.”

DeMint believes that Americans have a responsibility to elect the right leaders and infiltrate the political process -- and he tells them how. “Now or Never” isn’t just an impassioned discussion of ideology, it is also an instruction manual.

If you hate politics, you’re not alone. DeMint writes, “I have a confession: I hate politics.” But, in the end, he concludes: “Freedom is a messy business. Welcome to the fight!”

Mary Crookston

Mary Crookston is a editorial intern.