Marybeth Hicks

Which brings me to Oprah’s Monday interview with Mrs. Palin. Clearly, Palin chose The Oprah Winfrey Show in an effort to reach its strong demographic and thereby promote her book. Even folks like me who never watch the show tuned in to see what we could learn.

For Winfrey’s part, it seemed the talk show queen could not help but be as intrigued by the former governor as am I. She may have assumed that the stereotype would be true, but it sure looked as though she was face to face with a formidable woman who wasn’t anything like the lightweight the mainstream media would have us believe her to be.

Importantly, when Barack Obama appeared on Oprah’s set, they shared a love seat. Oprah sat next to the would-be candidate with an arm outstretched in an open and affirming posture. Conversely, the staging for Palin’s appearance was less like a living room, more like a hotel lobby, and not a very inviting one.

But while Oprah didn’t do anything that could be interpreted as supportive – no comfy couch or “girlfriend” moments –she didn’t necessarily undermine Palin either.

Leaving me…still curious.

If the appearance was meant to encourage sales of Palin’s book, it worked. I’m going shopping. I hope Mrs. Palin will do what the media has not yet done for me – finally shed some light on who she is and what sort of leader she might be.

Marybeth Hicks

Marybeth Hicks is the author of Don't Let the Kids Drink the Kool-Aid: Confronting the Left's Assault on Our Families, Faith, and Freedom (Regnery Publishers, 2011).