Marvin Olasky

While the cultural success of the gay lobby distorts reporting, its political success is crushing Washington axioms like the separation of powers. The Obama administration through executive orders has consistently turned the 1.6 miles from the White House to the Capitol building into a 100-yard dash, but now it’s also abridging the distance from 1600 Pennsylvania to the U.S. Supreme Court’s home.

Last month the Obamaists ignored a Supreme Court decision, yet that astonishing move received little attention and provoked almost zero press consternation. The Supremes had said a federal judge in Utah overstepped his authority, so gay couples in that state who thought they were married really were not, pending a decision on Utah’s appeal of the judge’s ruling.

Yet, Attorney General Eric Holder announced that for purposes of federal law the Obama administration would recognize those same-sex “marriages” as lawful, and those couples would be able to file joint tax returns, sponsor for visas spouses who were not U.S. citizens, etc. When the executive branch can thumb its nose at the judicial branch and almost no one objects, that’s gay power—and I have tyrannophobia, fear of tyrants.

The forces that inspire Islamophobia and homophobia are opposed in the long run: Gays and lesbians have reason to fear Islam. Right now, though, each pressure group can benefit from the success of the other. As homosexuals redefine marriage, Muslims yearning for polygamy can draft after them like Tour de France bicyclists. As Muslims say Bible-based, truthful criticisms of their theology and repressive cultures are “hate speech,” gay leaders can draft after them.

How should journalists react? We need to be free of enissophobia, fear of criticism. We need to defend First Amendment freedoms: religion, press, speech, assembly. From our front-row seats at the circus, we should seize the opportunity to laugh at clowns and praise lion tamers.

Marvin Olasky

Marvin Olasky is editor-in-chief of the national news magazine World. For additional commentary by Marvin Olasky, visit
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