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Past winners have included some seasoned pros like Cal Thomas but also a myriad of gifted amateurs, so we hope many people will try their hand this year: For more information, go to Many city newspapers won’t run feature stories from a Christian perspective, but many college newspapers will, so we hope to receive entries from students who enjoy both writing and winning cash that can reduce their college loans. We hope that chapters of Cru, Reformed University Fellowship, InterVarsity, and others will run with this: Email us at if your chapter needs some encouragement.

Contest No. 3 begins with a question: What would you call the view that effective poverty-fighting needs to be challenging, personal, and spiritual, with government welfare spending reduced and local religious and civic groups energized to take the lead? In the 1990s I called this decentralizing emphasis “compassionate conservatism,” but Bush administration profligacy tarnished the concept. If you have a re-branding idea, please send it to Winner gets a year’s subscription to WORLD.

The opportunity I mentioned at the start is our May 2013 World Journalism Institute (WJI) introduction to Christian journalism: This Asheville, N.C., course is two weeks long, with week one emphasizing writing and week two photography, video creation, and radio. Tuition and lodging is free for college students, and we may sprinkle in a few older folks with journalistic interests: They receive free tuition as well, but pay for their lodging.

Eleven World News Group staffers are WJI graduates. Another dozen work at other Christian publications, and 40 or so work in journalism at local newspapers, magazines, television stations, and other outlets. Eight of the May 2012 WJI students received paid internships at WORLD or elsewhere, so this is a major route into journalism: For more information, go to

Marvin Olasky

Marvin Olasky is editor-in-chief of the national news magazine World. For additional commentary by Marvin Olasky, visit
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