Marvin Olasky

The first step up from wretchedness is to admit it and pray for mercy. A second step is to help people see what we miss when we act wretchedly. WORLD Magazine, where I serve as editor in chief, publishes an annual Roe v. Wade issue that often includes pictures of babies. In 2013, we'd like those photos to be of babies born to clients of pregnancy resource centers during 2012. This will be a contest with many winners: Our goal is to encourage mothers along with center directors, volunteers, and supporters.

Here are details: Any client's baby born in 2012 is eligible. We'll need a signed release from the baby's parent or guardian (downloadable from Moms of babies whose photos are selected for inclusion in WORLD, and the centers that have helped, will receive copies of the magazine that includes the babies' photos. Please email entries to Rob Patete ( by Dec. 31.

And here's one more event, WORLD’s seventh annual Effective Compassion contest. For months we've heard Occupy Wall Street folks talk about helping the poor. Now we want to show once again the value of ministries that walk a much better talk by offering challenging, personal, and spiritual help to those in need.

A generous donor to WORLD once again values those efforts enough to put up $25,000 as a prize to the local poverty-fighting ministry that our reporters and subscribers find the most impressive in the country. Regional winners will receive $5,000 each. We're looking for nominees: Ministries need to be explicitly Christian, local rather than national, and dependent on donations rather than government grants.

By March 1 please email June McGraw ( a note including the organization's name, address, and web address, with a sentence or two explaining why you think it's terrific. Given continuing unemployment, groups that help people find jobs are particularly important. Pregnancy resource centers in poor areas are also eligible, since they not only save babies from abortion but often give single moms a fresh start.

Marvin Olasky

Marvin Olasky is editor-in-chief of the national news magazine World. For additional commentary by Marvin Olasky, visit
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