Marvin Olasky

/>We underestimate the fall's effect when we search for the perfect candidate: Sometimes we have to ask, "Which candidate will do the least harm?" A standard Barack Obama commercial in 2007/2008 went like this: "You see, they don't believe we can actually change politics and bring an end to decades of division and deadlock." Evangelicals should have said, "That's right, you won't be able to reverse the curse, but you can reduce its effect by decentralizing whenever possible."

This is not a call for pessimism, but for truth in advertising rather than hype. Can we end abortion? No, given sin, but we can reduce the number of killings, and one day give unborn children legal protection. Can we eliminate poverty? No, but we can also reduce its extent.

Want legislators to read bills before they vote on them? Demand that, and have a free press embarrass them when they don't. Want to reduce the power of lobbyists? If we reduce the size of the Washington honey pots, bears will find other places to stick their snouts.

We can work for candidates who have shown their trustworthiness and who pledge to defend life and liberty. We can vote for senators who will not confirm judges likely to substitute their own views for the Constitution's. We can support men and women who have not only the right policy positions but the character to fight for them. And we can push for journalists to tell the truth about the politicians they cover and the principles at stake.

Marvin Olasky

Marvin Olasky is editor-in-chief of the national news magazine World. For additional commentary by Marvin Olasky, visit
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