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But aging happens to all of us. I heard a tale of some 50-year-olds at a reunion discussing and discussing where they should eat. Finally they agree to meet at Luigi's Restaurant because the food selection there is excellent. Twenty years later they meet again and, after a long discussion, agree on Luigi's because they can eat there in peace and quiet. When they hit 90 they meet again and for one more time discuss and discuss where they should eat. Finally they agree . . . Luigi's, because they have never been there before!

I can't resist one joke on politics and one on media. The healthcare debacle reminded me of this debate among a surgeon, a designer and a politician. The surgeon says his is the oldest profession, because God in chapter 2 of Genesis removed Adam's rib and made Eve. The designer counters, "In chapter 1 of Genesis, God turned primordial chaos into beautiful order." The politician trumps them: "Who do you think made primordial chaos?"

Regarding the press and religion, did you hear the one about New York Times and Washington Post reporters having lunch and betting on who knows more about Christianity? Mr. NYT says, "I'll bet you $20 that you can't say the Lord's Prayer." Ms. WaPo says, "You're on." She bows her head and says, "Now I lay me down to sleep. . . ." Mr. NYT hands her $20, saying, "That's impressive. I didn't think you knew it."

Will this be the last annual joke column? We offer, you decide.

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Marvin Olasky

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