Mark DeMoss

As an evangelical Southern Baptist and a social conservative, I like the leadership Governor Romney provided our movement in defending traditional marriage between a man and a woman and in opposing embryonic stem cell research. I believe his values are consistent with mine in every way, whether or not his theology is.

In a heavily Democratic and liberal state, Governor Romney staked out unpopular positions against cloning (having vetoed a bill sent to him by his 85% Democratic legislature) and gay marriage. It was Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby who wrote, "Few mainstream politicians have stepped up to make a principled case in support of that timeless definition [of marriage], and so far, none has done so as cogently as Romney."

As a fiscal conservative I like the fact that Governor Romney understands that the money we send to our state and federal governments is our money, and "not their money," as he told Governor Huckabee in one of the candidate debates. Fiscal and anti-tax conservatives will like his record on not raising taxes and fighting, even against great opposition, to reduce the size of government. He decided on his first day as governor to leave office with a smaller, more efficient state government than when he arrived and managed to do just that.

And as a national defense conservative I like the fact that Governor Romney has supported the President's plan to help Iraq and to give General Petraeus and other military leaders a chance to work their plans and strategies in a complex situation. I like that he understands the threats that radical Islamic jihadists pose to our security, the importance of securing our borders, and the need to equip our men and women in service with the tools they need to succeed on our behalf.

In all three areas, I like the fact that Mitt Romney has a history of surrounding himself with bright, talented, capable, experienced men and woman who can help him make wise decisions. That is what a leader does and he has done it time and time again.

Finally, I like that Mitt Romney has not been endorsed by any particular wing of the conservative spectrum exclusively – he has been endorsed by conservatives of all stripes and categories. Defense conservatives like Representative Pete Hoekstra (MI) are on his team, as are fiscal conservatives like American Conservative Union (ACU) chairman David Keene and leading conservative magazine National Review. Social conservatives like Reverend Lou Sheldon and Bob Jones III, and pro-life leaders and attorneys Jim Bopp, Jr. and Jay Sekulow and others have been supporting Governor Romney for quite some time. In other words, the so-called Reagan coalition appears to be alive and well within the Romney fold right now. It just may prove to be a winning combination.

Mark DeMoss

Mark DeMoss is president of The DeMoss Group, a public relations firm which works primarily with evangelical organizations and causes. He is author of The Little Red Book of Wisdom (Thomas Nelson, 2007) and lives in Atlanta. He endorsed Mitt Romney in September 2006.

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