Mark Davis

As the President and his spokesvoices sought to mitigate and explain away this disaster for the ages, fingers began to point at the woman atop the agency holding the reins.

This put Secretary Sebelius in the hotseat to face pressure even from usually adoring voices from the left.

(If that liberal pushback surprises you, don’t let it. Obamacare disciples needed this beast to roll out as cleanly and efficiently as a moon rocket at Cape Canaveral. They know the failure of the delivery system sparks massive doubt as to whether the government that could not launch a website can remotely handle the infinitely more complex task of managing the actual care of millions.)

She has not done well under fire, and I confess a certain sympathy. What exactly is she supposed to say? What magical words would make people nod and say “Oh, NOW I get it.”

But the larger truth is that like any member of this administration, she is a willing accomplice to its agenda. It may not be her direct fault that is such a mess, but responsibility lies at the feet of those in charge.

That ultimately means Barack Obama himself, who surely knew what might be coming. It is impossible to believe that this controlling, wonkish President would not be elbows-deep in every detail of this rollout. He wears it just as she does.

The difference is, he isn’t going anywhere. She may be gone by Thanksgiving. Two questions arise: does the administration help itself by throwing her under the bus, and does her dismissal bolster the case for Obamacare’s eventual extinction?

The answers are yes and yes.

The moment he shows Sebelius the door, the pressure momentarily lightens around Obama. Many will say “Look, he had to fire his HHS Secretary. There has been accountability, let’s move on.”

But a silver lining lies ahead for those seeking to stop Obamacare. A Sebelius departure would begin the wafts of a stench of failure that should properly lead to a successful effort to drive a stake through the heart of this monster.

When that great day comes, we will look back at these autumn days and the pillars of the “Affordable” Care Act that started dropping like leaves.

It all begins now, as even those who were open to Obamacare are starting to feel the first tugs of doubt. If we play hard and play smart, we can turn that into broad skepticism and eventually bitter distaste.

But as we head down that welcome road, paved in large part by the courageous resolve of Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and those who led the defund effort, we need to be ready to take advantage of every chapter in Obamacare’s unraveling.

The next chapter may be when someone, as the old ballad says, takes Kathleen home.