Mark Davis

We want what is best for our country.  We as Americans may argue over what that is, but there are things that raise our eyebrows.  Murderous dictators suddenly spared punishment at the hands of devious friends is just too rich to dismiss.

So while I have no hidden video of you and President Obama plotting to put words in Kerry’s mouth that lead to the end of a drama that would not have played out well for either of you, I hope we can be forgiven for telling you to work on your own lumbering nation and spare us the doggerel about your swell new relations with President Obama.

You couldn’t even let your new best buddy enjoy a rare moment of invoking America as “exceptional.”

“It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional,” you say in your op-ed wrap-up.  “When we ask for the Lord’s blessings, we must not forget that God created us equal.”

There is something genuinely profane about an old KGB hack invoking God’s view of humanity’s shared blessings.  And something stunningly stupid about viewing American exceptionalism as an exercise in ego.

When we say America is exceptional, we are not saying our people are better.  We are saying our system is better, our devotion to liberty more courageous and long-standing, our commitment to fighting for it more muscular, our appreciation of it more profound.

Far from a narcissistic view, this is the ultimate in gratitude and humility.  We in America want nothing more than to see freedom and prosperity spread from the masses in China to the God-forsaken moonscapes of the Middle East to the long-suffering strata of the Russian society you purport to lead.

So enjoy your moment. We are trying even now to find an Obama successor who can deal with you from a position of strength.  We are willing to be friends, but we will not be patsies.

And before you insult us again with religious references, look among your circle of friends and see how Biblical their behavior seems, before wagging any more scolding fingers at America.