Mark Davis

Here in Texas, the new heroine of pro-choice America is an interesting installation on the throne of radical pro-choice admiration.

She is a tough and talented Democrat State Senator from a historically Republican district who has positioned herself skillfully as a moderate Democrat just looking to save education funding from current budget austerity.

She narrowly fended off a Republican challenger last year, and faces an eager field of GOP primary candidates looking to unseat her next year in a quick turnaround forced by a quirk in Texas Senate election law.

One wonders how her Fort Worth-area voter base is feeling now that she has mortgaged her pleasant centrist mantle to become a modern-day Margaret Sanger, directing her energies toward widening the latitude for terminating pregnancies.

Wendy Davis was never pro-life, but you generally have not found her spewing the kind of venom she has adopted as a darling of radical pro-choicers.

Days after her Austin filibuster that wound up delaying a vote on a Senate Bill that would have enacted meager abortion restrictions, her website now refers to Governor Rick Perry (and, one presumes, all pro-lifers) as part of “an attack on women and families.”

So just to get this straight: I am fighting for the unborn, many of whom could grow up to be proud women of accomplishment in the Wendy Davis mold, and I am attacking women and families, while Wendy and her allies, fighting to allow more carnage in the womb, are champions for women and families?

Just seeing how the field is striped. Let’s proceed.

There are some who say Sen. Davis will leave the middling power of the State Senate to run for Texas Governor next year.

She would lose to Perry if he runs again, and she would lose to Republican Attorney General Greg Abbott, who is already running.

But make no mistake-- in a state where Democrats are starved to occupy any statewide office, she is instantly the biggest star they have, immediately outgunning the previous subject of mild gubernatorial buzz, San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro.

So the political winds blow with intrigue here in Texas this week. Wendy Davis has become an instant superstar on the state and national stage while surely alienating some moderates and even Republicans who voted to send her to the State Senate.

She will need even more comfortable sneakers if she plans to filibuster Senate Bill 5 again when it returns to the light of day next week. Gov. Perry wasted no time calling an additional special session which will not provide the same window for hooligans to shout down the will of the people.