Mark Davis

The Boston Marathon bombings are brutal proof that the 9/11 terrorists have countless brethren eager to follow in their footsteps. The venues and death tolls will change, but the motivation is always the same: kill the innocent to give glory to Allah.

We should always go to the proper lengths to make clear that we all know that there are Muslims the world over-- especially in America-- who renounce such violence.

But to deny the very existence of the murderous wing of the Islamic faith is to endanger Americans of every religion.

5. We have learned that some people just like to riot. Whether in Chicago in 1968 or South Central Los Angeles in 1992 or various other locations through the years, people who choose to make a point by hurting people and breaking things will always get a reputational free pass from the media.

Old hippies currently managing news operations still wistfully recall the 1960s riots, sparked by Vietnam or racial unrest.

The dominant media culture wasted a lot of time and print space stupidly asking what “motivated” rioters after the Rodney King verdicts. (The answer: they were really mad and really out of control.)

This week, the city was Seattle, and the occasion was the big May 1 commie holiday that gave plenty of idle nihilist malcontents a way to fill a day.

This latest example of hooliganism did indeed get covered, but rest assured if Tea Partiers had gone on this kind of rampage, the team coverage would still be on and congressional hearings scheduled.

6. And finally, speaking of congressional hearings, we have learned that the left cannot wait to hang the death toll from the Texas fertilizer plant explosion around the neck of Governor Rick Perry.

First, a disgusting Sacramento Bee editorial cartoon showed Perry praising his state’s “booming” businesses in one panel, and the explosion in the next.

Now comes California Senator Barbara Boxer, ready to stack a hearing with testimony that will suggest that the explosion would not have happened if my state of Texas had the suffocating level of overregulation that is currently chasing business from her state.

Enjoy the weekend, more lessons are always on the way.