Mario Diaz

We pray for those in contact with women struggling with abortion. It is absolutely heartbreaking to hear of women who went through this horrific procedure because they actually felt they did not have a choice — families putting pressure on them because of the shame, fathers abandoning them because they “did not sign up for that,” some even feel the pressure of an unforgiving church.”

We pray that we become, as a society, a support for these women. We pray that when they feel alone, they can feel a friendly embrace, letting them know that they are not alone and they do have a choice.

Even in the most difficult cases, we pray that women may understand that two wrongs don’t make a right and that there are other ways to minimize the hurt, instead of compounding it with guilt.

We pray for organizations providing adoption services, that they might reach women in need to make themselves available.

We pray for the church to love as God loves, that we receive women in desperate need with open arms and that we keep them as far away from those who seek to profit from their hurt.

And we pray for abortionists. Yes, we pray for a day when there are no doctors willing to perform this horrific procedure. But instead, we pray that an overwhelming interest in saving lives and helping women in need be renewed on the heart of every health professional.

We pray that no doctor believes the lie that they are “helping” women.

As we mark the 38th anniversary of Roe, may we realize that, far from a source of pride, this decision stands as an undeniable black mark on our land. Abortion is as incompatible with our American ideals as slavery. Roe did not make abortion legal. It only delayed punishment for the perpetrators.

God stands above all; may He have mercy on us!

Mario Diaz

Mario Diaz is the Policy Director for Legal Issues at Concerned Women for America.

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