Mario Diaz

But to Kagan, this is foolishness. In Kagan’s world the government gives us our rights and, therefore, they can also take them away. That is why President Obama is confident she will uphold his unconstitutional health care power grab and the rest of his big government agenda.

So I guess there was no real Fourth of July celebration for Miss Kagan. That silly Declaration of Independence cannot be taken seriously, right? You would think she would understand that without the Declaration of Independence there could be no Constitution, that the Constitution can only be viewed properly in light of the Declaration of Independence, and that if there are no inalienable rights, then we had no right to separate and become an independent nation in the first place.

But there I go again, jumping to conclusions. Maybe Elena Kagan thinks we are not an independent country after all. Maybe she believes that, legally, we still belong to Great Britain. Maybe it was really tea time at the Kagan household this Fourth of July.

That would at least explain why she made “International Law” a required course at Harvard Law School and left Constitutional Law as an elective.

Kagan’s record is full of reasons to doubt her judgment. Pages could be written on her twisted view of the First Amendment, her unlawful treatment of the military at Harvard, her obvious bias in favor of homosexual “rights,” her extremely radical views on abortion “rights,” her disdain for the Second Amendment, etc.

But no view is more egregious than her lack of understanding of who we are as a nation and where our liberties come from. Indeed I tremble for my country when I contemplate Kagan and her views at the Supreme Court.

Mario Diaz

Mario Diaz is the Policy Director for Legal Issues at Concerned Women for America.

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