Mario Diaz

These charges have been reviewed by a judge, and, in looking at the evidence presented, he found probable cause. So, even though these are mere allegations, there has to be an evidentiary basis for the allegations or the judge would have thrown the case out.

Just so we are all clear: Planned Parenthood may have used your tax dollars and mine to falsify and forge documents, while failing to follow medical reporting guidelines, in order to perform illegal late term abortions.

I hope we can all agree that whatever your philosophy on life, this is unacceptable.

Even more disturbing is to think that this is just one place in Kansas. How prevalent is this? Planned Parenthood operates around 860 facilities around the country, and there are approximately 40 states with laws banning late term abortions. Is this a common practice among Planned Parenthood clinics around the country? How long has it been happening? Why is nothing being done about it?

It is time for Congress to wake up and start investigating this matter as soon as possible. For years we have heard stories of statutory rape violations being covered at abortion clinics and how they refuse to provide investigators with medical records. Is this the reason why?

We all recognize that abortion is an explosive subject in political circles, but politics should never get in the way of truth and respect for the law. We cannot tolerate an organization utilizing our tax dollars to break the very laws that have been put in place to protect us. Every Senator and Representative in Congress should be outraged at these allegations and should call for an investigation into Planned Parenthood, the organization they fund with more than $300 million of our tax dollars per year.

Congress represents the people, and this is what the people want.

Mario Diaz

Mario Diaz is the Policy Director for Legal Issues at Concerned Women for America.

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