Mario Diaz

Posted May 18, 2011

"To everything there is a season," says Ecclesiastes 3:1, and the time for Republican senators to fight on judicial nominations is now!

Posted May 10, 2011

The old adage that “no good deed goes unpunished” seems true in many areas of politics. And judicial nominations have certainly become one of those areas.

Posted March 26, 2011

The President has seriously nominated to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit Stephen Six, whose prints are all over the obstruction of justice in an investigation of an alleged systematic statutory rape cover-up at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Kansas.

Posted January 24, 2011

Abortion is not legal. It can never be. No matter what the Supreme Court has said, the fact is that the right to life is inalienable.

Posted December 27, 2010

The liberal cry for more judges has reached an all-time high. Their media cohorts have been banging the drums with the numbers game and the judicial emergency cry in perfect sync.

Posted December 08, 2010

On Monday, a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit heard oral arguments in California’s Proposition 8 case. It was the latest chapter in this judicial farce that has become a tragedy for our legal system and our freedom.

Posted September 24, 2010

Much has been written trying to figure out if President Obama left out our Creator in the Declaration of Independence deliberately.

Posted August 13, 2010

Posted July 06, 2010

How can we ever confirm a Supreme Court Justice that has a hard time understanding our most cherished foundational principles?

Posted June 22, 2010

The hearings on the nomination of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court are set to start on June 28. So here are the top 10 questions Kagan should be asked at the hearings. Each question is, of course, meant to spark more discussion on Kagan’s judicial philosophy and her view of the proper role of a judge.

Posted April 27, 2010

Those who pride themselves in being the most “independent thinkers” out there sometimes are just unaware of how much their environment influences their beliefs.

Posted March 25, 2010

The United States Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearing on “Oversight of the U.S. Department of Justice” scheduled for Tuesday was postponed until after the Easter break due to the signing of the health care legislation.

Posted January 27, 2010

We know President Obama is very gifted when it comes to talking the talk. We also know that it is highly unlikely he will walk the walk. However, the real problem is that, despite this knowledge, you can still find yourself believing what you think you are hearing him say.

Posted January 21, 2010

Most reasonable people can understand why President Obama felt extremely confident after his victory just a year ago. No one can dispute that he defied enormous odds to become the 44th President of the United States. But the arrogance permeating throughout his entire Administration — from the President down — has really taken everyone by surprise.

Posted December 09, 2009

President Obama’s nomination of Chai Feldblum to be a member of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) represents one of the most serious threats to religious freedom we have seen in a long time.

Posted November 17, 2009

It is amazing to see the media reports on the nomination of Judge David Hamilton to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals.

Posted October 29, 2009

For many years liberal radicals have advanced their agenda with great success through our courts. Knowing that their policies are not supported by the vast majority of Americans, they have turned to liberal judges who distort our laws and the Constitution to bring about what they view as “progress.”

Posted August 06, 2009

In The Gay Science, German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche made a famous declaration that reflected a major shift in philosophical thinking. "Where has God gone?" asked a man in his book. "I shall tell you. We have killed him - you and I. We are his murderers,” came the response from a group of atheists.

Posted July 13, 2009

As a Hispanic, I can proudly say Judge Sotomayor’s views do not represent my views or those of the Hispanic community in which I participate.