Lurita Doan

But perhaps, the scariest assumption that permeated Obama's acceptance speech at the DNC convention was Obama's apparent belief that Americans are idiots who will continue to believe him, idiots who are incapable of putting the interests of the nation and of future generations ahead of a self-serving desire to have the government provide increasing entitlements, funded by a nonexistent entity.

Barack Obama was right about one thing -- our nation is facing "a choice between two different paths for America. A choice between two fundamentally different visions of the future." The president's speech showed clearly the differences between his basic philosophies and the GOP candidate, Mitt Romney: Romney is for Big Tent, Obama is for Big Government.

Obama's vision leads our country on the path to serfdom fostering greater dependence on an ever-increasing government that ultimately destroys individual freedom. Romney believes that freedom is the gift that the government can give its citizens and that the private sector, responding to supply and demand can create a vibrant economy, as long as heavy-handed government is limited and bound by the constitutions fetters. Romney understands that, both at home and abroad, economies are complicated entities and that any government's attempt to control the free market will result in disaster.

Obama believes that people are inherently selfish and that unless the government steps in, charity will not flow to those less fortunate. He is, quite simply, the last true believer in the role of Big Government. Romney, in sharp contrast, knows that Americans are the most generous people in the history of the world, giving over $300 billion dollars to charities each year. Romney knows that the greatest good can come when communities address problems directly. Romney also knows that the best solution for a failed economy is work, and that simply extending unemployment benefits, food stamps and issuing waivers so that the unemployed have no obligation to look for work only creates more dependency on government.

Mr. Obama believes that he can say anything, do anything and that he will not be held accountable because many Americans are more afraid of the inevitable false charges from a well-oiled machine that will call them "racists". He simply cannot accept the fact that his policies have failed. And so, Obama goes on in a curious way, reprising old, false promises to narrow groups of constituents whom he hopes to bribe, one more time, for a vote with money and benefits that can only be paid for by future generations.

Most successful businesses know that a good rule of thumb is to underpromise and overdeliver. Barack Obama has spent four years overpromising and never delivering anything of value.

Romney, meanwhile, is calling for austerity, clearly identifiable budgetary priorities, strong defense and shared sacrifice that shows a willingness to make the future a secure and thriving place for our children's children.

A historic choice indeed.

As Clint Eastwood, so succinctly said, Americans -- you gotta let Obama go.

Lurita Doan

Lurita Alexis Doan is an African American conservative commentator who writes about issues affecting the federal government.