Lurita Doan

Already, Team Obama is putting voter fraud policies in effect to tilt the election. Eric Holder’s stance on the right of individual states within the U.S. to require voter identification is the most obvious example. Several court cases have already upheld the states’ right to require voter identification.

Furthermore, many studies have shown that requiring voter identification prevents voter fraud and is no more illegal than requiring identification to obtain Medicare or Medicaid or social security payments. Nevertheless, , Holder’s move—especially claiming that voter identification requirements are racist---is indicative of the panic that Democrats in power are feeling as the 2012 election looms and they search for ways to replace ACORN’s fraudulent voter numbers.

More recently, Team, Obama is speeding up the immigration process and rushing illegal aliens to citizenship, often ahead of those who have waited, patiently and legally, for years. A 2011 report exposed the problem wherein the immigration visa processors within DHS are, apparently, being pressured by senior officials within the agency to approve applications as quickly as possible, often ignoring issues relating to eligibility and security.

Many Americans have broad-based concerns about immigration, illegal and otherwise, and there is broad-based consensus that the current immigration system and our nation’s policies need reform urgently. But what the Obama Administration is doing is not the kind of reform Americans had in mind. This current urgency to relax immigration standards in advance of the upcoming election looks exactly like it is-- a craven attempt to mine for new voters to tilt the election.

These kinds of desperation moves by Obama Administration officials are especially despicable because they seek short-term, political advantages at the expense of longer-term policies that could actually benefit the nation. For example, it is an act of economic stupidity to force foreign-born science and engineering majors from our leading universities to leave the country following graduation. These are the very technology and science professionals that we need her to spur economic growth. But, Obama is mute on the need for this sort of urgent immigration reform and, instead, now spends his time and effort on relaxing standards of the immigrants that he hopes will reward him with a vote in November. How sad is that?

Obama is a desperate man, desperate to win an election, and desperate enough to take a shameful path to his goal. Obama cannot win on the merits of his policies, and even his once, most-fervent supporters recognize that Obama’s economic policies have failed. Expect Obama to find and push even more imaginative electioneering schemes as he takes the desperate path to “pull a Putin” and resorts to voter fraud.

Lurita Doan

Lurita Alexis Doan is an African American conservative commentator who writes about issues affecting the federal government.