Lurita Doan

In February, Obama presented his 2012 budget to congress and stated that reducing the deficit was his priority. Clearly, Obama didn't remember that in February 2009, he said the same thing--just before signing the Recovery Act which ballooned the federal budget by almost a trillion dollars.

Even now, Obama seems unable to understand that his failed, $787 Billion dollar stimulus has loaded the nation with a mind-bogglingly huge burden of additional debt. Instead, each time the Market dips or Americans protest the staggering $1,400,000,000,000.00 of national public debt, Obama promises a new kind of stimulus.

Now, it's March 2011, and Obama can't seen to remember the American position on foreign policy--tough, direct and always having, as a priority, the protection of America's interests at home and abroad. Instead, Americans are puzzled by his recent, ineffective trip to Brazil and furious with his decision to launch a quasi-attack against Libya without the sanctions or budget approval from congress.

Obama seems to have problems remembering that he campaigned on energy self-sufficiency; instead, his energy strategy makes America more dependent upon foreign sources.

Obama quickly abandoned any intent to drill for more domestic oil and gas, when politically convenient, and then did the same on nuclear power. Obama thought a $7500 credit would incentivize all Americans to buy electric cars, such as the Volt. He was wrong. Multiple sources have tried to tell Obama that Americans would not easily embrace an electric car that costs 50 thousand dollars and goes only 40 miles, but old, false beliefs are hard to break.

Obama seems unable to grasp the mathematics of energy. Having abandoned nuclear power, unwilling to drill for oil and gas, and having a hate-fest with coal, Obama still clings to the illusion that the 1% of energy now produced by “renewable” sources soon can replace oil, nuclear power, and coal.

Calling Obama "absent minded" may seem too charitable. Perhaps, more accurately, he should be called "Flubber"--the name of the 1997 remake of the original Disney film, because given the number of times Obama has flubbed up during his 27 month presidency, Obama is clearly a man out of sync with himself and the voting public.

In the movie, the Disney "magic" ensures that there will be a happy ending for all the hapless individuals who encounter the Professor Brainerd. Unfortunately, Americans are stuck because in the real world there is no magic tonic to cure incompetence.

Lurita Doan

Lurita Alexis Doan is an African American conservative commentator who writes about issues affecting the federal government.