Lurita Doan

Perhaps most egregious of all, Nancy Pelosi has opened a Pandora’s box of double-speak, often achieving a level of incoherence, that has masked her hostile intent and determination to effect a wealth transfer from those who have worked hardest to those who have hardly worked at all. Prudent Americans that were careful to live within their means, buy houses that they could actually afford, and save their own money have been punished for these sins during Speaker Pelosi’s term.

Instead, an elaborate wealth redistribution system has been established to confiscate money from the hard-working to reward many that were most irresponsible. In Pelosi’s world, it’s okay to reward a homeowner who unwisely bought a house he knowingly could not afford and who then fails even to make interest payments for months on end. In Pelosi’s world, it’s okay to support bail outs for failed companies, especially those with huge union representation, by raising taxes on smaller companies. Pelosi has promoted mediocre Democrat statesmen from obscurity to prominence.

For example, Pelosi has followed her septuagenarian friend, Henry Waxman, down the rabbit hole into a wilderness where there are no limits to the amount of bureaucracy embraced by Congress and the Obama Administration. Waxman has proposed, and Pelosi endorsed, a system where all national issues and challenges are solved by an ever expanding amount of government oversight. Of course, according to this view, no amount of oversight, and no amount of cost for the oversight, is too much. Chaos and disruption to our energy production, power generation and healthcare delivery system were viewed as less consequential if the primary goal of inserting more governmental bureaucracy, oversight, and control over the private sector could be achieved.

Our nation now faces a dismal truth: Speaker Pelosi has been a disaster. Should Republicans take back the House, as is widely expected, a new and, let us hope more competent Speaker will assume responsibility for re-exerting American power, economic vitality, and civic health.

So it is time for goodbyes. Americans should wish Mrs. Pelosi well as she exits the national leadership. Her place in history, as the first female Speaker of the House, is secure. Unfortunately, Mrs. Pelosi will likely be recorded as the most irresponsible Speaker of the House that left the nation, in every way, worse off than when she first took over the gavel. It’s time for her to go.

Lurita Doan

Lurita Alexis Doan is an African American conservative commentator who writes about issues affecting the federal government.