Lurita Doan

Obama's Small Business Sham

President Obama's recent plan for small business job creation is on shaky ground. Obama is relying on the Small Business Administration (SBA) to assist with loans and small business contracting, but reports show that the SBA has organization and leadership problems. The Partnership for Public Service's 2010 survey of Best Places to Work In The Federal Government shows SBA ranked fourth from the bottom.

SBA ranked near the bottom in areas of leadership, teamwork, training and mission match. Yet, SBA ranked near the top in the area of employee compensation. Management experts could tell Obama that relying too heavily on an organization already failing in leadership, teamwork and mission is a recipe for disaster. No wonder morale is low.

SBA employees likely recognize the dichotomy between the president's words and his actions regarding small businesses. SBA employees probably hear complaints, daily, from the small business community about the anti-business policies that have been advanced by the Obama Administration over the past 19 months.

SBA employees have likely witnessed the devastation in the small business community from the threat of confiscatory tax policies because the Administration refuses to understand that many of the "rich" identified by Obama for increased taxation are really small businesses that follow the law and report their business income on their personal tax forms.

Recently, healthcare insurance providers have announced that the new rate hikes due to Obamacare may result in businesses facing a 9% increase in the cost of healthcare premiums. For many small businesses, 9% oftentimes represents the business' entire profit that year, so the Obamacare mandate could wipe out the fruits of an entire year's effort, or even worse, put a small business in the red.

SBA employees probably see more clearly than anyone that small businesses are being crushed. In yet another Administration failure, small businesses have been frozen out of the $787 Billion dollar stimulus spending, where contracting is completely controlled by the government.

Lurita Doan

Lurita Alexis Doan is an African American conservative commentator who writes about issues affecting the federal government.