Lurita Doan

The 111th Congress hasn’t done its job. The Democrat leadership team has been so busy advancing new pork projects, endorsing faux economic stimuli and opposing the extension of the 2003 Bush Administration tax cuts, that they have failed even to pass a budget for the new fiscal year beginning October 1.

Meanwhile, the Obama Administration is working overtime to convince Americans that recovery is in progress and an economic boom is just around the corner. Chief spokesman claiming the country’s economic recovery is in progress and advocating for eliminating the Bush tax cuts is Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner, perhaps the least credible person in the entire Obama Administration on the issue of taxes.

Consider this: President Obama and congress are being advised to increase taxes as a way to increase government revenue by a person whose explanations of why he did not pay his taxes for several years, and only did so after his nomination for a Cabinet position, ranks up there with the dog-ate-my-homework excuse.

In addition to Geithner and a few other tax-challenged Obama appointees, the Obama Administration has had countless nominees withdraw from the Senate confirmation process over non-payment of taxes. And recently, Americans learned that Senator John Kerry, the senior senator from Massachusetts and the former Democrat candidate for President

had decided to dock his yacht in Rhode Island instead of Mass in order to avoid the high taxes. (Of course, after the scheme was publicly exposed, Kerry flip-flopped and decided to pay the Massachusetts taxes.)

Americans need to wake up and ask: is there a double standard under which powerful Democrats can vote additional taxes for most Americans but ensure enough loopholes that exempt themselves?

Lurita Doan

Lurita Alexis Doan is an African American conservative commentator who writes about issues affecting the federal government.