Lt. Col. Scott Rutter

Posted August 31, 2007

While the world sits on the sidelines, the U.S. continues to plug away at progress in Iraq. As we wait to hear the results of the surge, we are provided with a daily media reminder of the failure of the Iraqi government to meet the benchmarks established by the U.S. In the end, will we call this a military fiasco, with pundits claiming we should never have gone to war and that George Bush’s steadfastness was nothing more than stubbornness?

Posted February 16, 2007

[T]he decision by President Bush to send in 21, 000 more troops is both with and without merit. Why? Because, we have little idea how those 21,000 troops will change the tide of perception.

Posted January 12, 2007

The “insurgents” who claim to hold true the Islamic ideals of brotherhood and faith are not really Islamists. These men are prepping the battlefield for the war between the U.S. and Iran.

Posted December 15, 2006

Training Iraqi soldiers requires more than just weapons and equipment. In our rush to change direction, let’s not overlook the fundamentals.

Posted December 08, 2006

As we sit today at a crossroads in our War on Terror, I felt it was my civic duty to provide to you some of my own perspective on our path forward.