Lori Roman

They are also smart enough to know that it is the elites who have let down the country while regular folks have been doing their part. The cocktail party elitists with their Ivy League diplomas and matching egos got us into this mess, while the majority of Americans would do just fine if the high-brow economists and Washington and New York brains would stop meddling with the free enterprise system and redistributing our hard earned wealth.

Elitists (Republican and Democrat) always trash the leaders who emerge who connect with the regular folks. They trashed Reagan and Palin and now Santorum. They probably thought we were too dumb to notice, but we “commoners” out here are on to the fact that the so-called intellectuals don’t generally look out for us. Oh, they pretend to, but it is all for show so that they can be puffed up with pride for their work on behalf of the common man…and get our vote. Then they turn around and demean our values, diminish our freedoms and steal our money.

Every once in awhile we regular folks rise up and storm the establishment and try to sneak in one of our own. Yes, sometimes we support someone who is (gasp) not an Ivy League graduate, not a member of a political power family, and not a power-hungry egomaniac who thrives on the sound of their own voice. Sometimes we get the real deal—like Ronald Reagan.

They said his view of the world was too simplistic because he had a concrete belief in good and evil. Even the Republican elitists didn’t like him. But regular folks loved him. And regular folks are increasingly flocking to Rick Santorum. And so they are mocked. And in the case of femi-regulars, the elites imply that they are just too dumb to know any better. Liberal elitists seem to think that women should choose the leader of the free world based on whether they support abortion and, if male, are willing to do their share of the dishes and take care of whatever baby the woman decides not to abort.

They might want to think twice before they continue to insult the bulk of the electorate. In most of America, having grit is more important than being slick. Speaking your mind is more important than rehearsing your lines. Living by your principles is more important than parroting the principles your high paid consultants put in your talking points. This is why elitist pundits cannot understand femi-regulars. And why many femi-regulars are supporting Rick Santorum.

Lori Roman

Lori Roman is the founder and president of Regular Folks United, Libertas Global Partners, and Conservative Speaker Bureau. She is the former executive director of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a public policy organization state legislators, members of Congress and members of the British and European Parliaments.