Lorie Byrd

Everyone seems to have an idea about why the GOP did so poorly in the 2006 elections and appears on track to have a pretty tough go of it ahead in 2008.

The Democrats think the GOP lost because George Bush is an extreme right wing religious fanatic who lied us into a crusade against Muslims, or a war for oil -- take your pick, and that he mismanaged that war because he is evil and wants to kill as many American soldiers as possible. Or something to that effect. (Throw in the word “Halliburton” and the phrase “tax cuts for the rich” and you will have about half of the Democrats’ talking points.) The Democrats believe they won because Americans wanted them to pull the troops out of Iraq immediately. The remainder of the Democrats’ talking points have to do with corruption. They would have us all believe that GOP lawmakers are crooks and perverts, while those in the Democratic party don’t have such problems.

The GOP losses in 2006 were in large measure due to the President’s unpopularity resulting from a war that was not going swimmingly and due to some widely publicized cases of Republican congressmen caught engaging in misconduct. The Democrats were wrong when they thought the election results were a mandate to do whatever it took to lose the war and surrender in Iraq. Americans wanted a better result, but most still wanted to pursue victory if there was any possibility that it could be achieved. Democrats were also wrong in saying there is a bigger problem among GOP legislators than among Democratic ones when it comes to matters of corruption and unethical behavior. The problem is more one of the inability of many in the media to attach a “D” after the names of Democrats caught with their pants down or their hands in the cookie jar, than it is a lack of Democrats engaging in any such behavior.

Lorie Byrd

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