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Earlier this week on the The View, token conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck spoke up so forcefully that Rosie O’Donnell resorted to playing the “big, fat lesbian” victim card. There are more than a few Republicans who should take a lesson from Hasselbeck.

I have been critical of Elisabeth Hasselbeck in the past for not making a strong enough case for conservatives on the daytime chat show. She signed onto a show that was not overly political in nature and it is understandable that she resisted for some time fully stepping into the role of speaking for conservatives. Well, that is certainly no longer the case. Hasselbeck has recently emerged as a strong conservative voice with not only what appears to be newfound passion, but she now appears to have spent some time educating herself about the issues, using that information to rebut some of the ridiculous claims made by O’Donnell. It wouldn’t kill Republicans to emulate her behavior.

On the Wednesday episode of The View the gloves finally came off and Hasselbeck stood up to O’Donnell for the following statement she made in the form of a rhetorical question on the show last week (transcript by Newsbusters.org:

O’DONNELL: I haven't -- I just want to say something. 655,000 Iraqi civilians are dead. Who are the terrorists?

HASSELBECK: Who are the terrorists?

O’DONNELL: 655,000 Iraqis -- I'm saying you have to look, we invaded --

HASSELBECK: Wait, who are you calling terrorists now? Americans?

O’DONNELL: I'm saying if you were in Iraq, and the other country, the United States, the richest in the world, invaded your country and killed 655,000 of your citizens, what would you call us?

This week the topic of O’Donnell’s insinuation that Americans are the terrorists came up again, but turned personal with O’Donnell stating her words had been twisted by those in the media. "Here's how it gets spun in the media. Rosie, big, fat lesbian, loud Rosie attacks innocent, pure Christian Elisabeth. And I'm not going to do it." She did continue the discussion with Hasselbeck, though, trying to change the subject to the personal. Hasselbeck did not let up in pressing O’Donnell to clarify what she meant by the original statement. The exchange became quite heated, continued through what should have been a commercial break, and the video of the exchange was replayed all over television and the internet for the following 24 hours.

Lorie Byrd

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