Lisa De Pasquale

5. What's your current “guilty pleasure” non-news television show?

I'm not the least bit guilty, but I like Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother.

6. What’s the best present you ever received as a child?

The Johnny Astro.

7. What’s the best present you ever gave?

When we got married, my wife didn't want an engagement ring. For our 15th Anniversary I gave her one anyway.

8. What advice do you remember your mother or father giving you? Did you take it?

Actually, the best single advice was from my grandfather, on money. He said people spend a lot of time worrying about the big-ticket items, but it's the nickel-and-dime spending that makes or breaks you.

9. Who would be on the perfect "Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld" panel?

My wife, Dr. Helen Smith, touting her book, Men On Strike. (In the legs chair, natch). Bill Whittle. Gary Sinise. Alexis Garcia.

10. What books are on your reading list?

Toby Buckell's Apocalypse Ocean

James Miller's Singularity Rising

James Scott’s Two Cheers for Anarchism

11. What would you like tomorrow's headline to say?

Obama: You've Been Punk'd -- I'm Really a Libertarian.

12. Tell me about the moment you decided to enter the political arena.

I don't think I've entered the political arena. As a blogger, it's more like I'm sitting in the bleachers throwing rotten tomatoes. Need more tomatoes.

Lisa De Pasquale

Lisa De Pasquale is is a writer in Alexandria, VA. Miss De Pasquale was previously the director of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), where she oversaw all aspects of the conference from June 2006 to April 2011. Prior to CPAC, she was the program director of the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute. In 2010, she was named a “Rising Star” by Campaigns & Elections magazine in their annual list of top political leaders under 35. She has written articles for and Townhall Magazine, Human Events, The Daily Caller, Washingtonian, the St. Augustine Record, The Washington Times, The Houston Chronicle, and the Tallahassee Democrat. Originally from Florida, Miss De Pasquale received a B.A. from Flagler College in St. Augustine.

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