Lindsay Boyd

“Who is the real revolutionary?” asks a new poster being distributed by Young America’s Foundation to celebrate this week as the fifth annual Freedom Week. Below this headlining question sits two pictures- one of Che Guevara and the other of Ronald Reagan. The latter was a United States President who singularly transformed the dynamics of the Cold War and formed a foundation of cornerstone ideals for the future of the conservative movement. His ideology, as the poster presents, “freed 425,574,877 people”. But who was Che Guevara? “His ideology murdered 100,000,000 people.”

Young America’s Foundation reminds us that "Che Guevara trained and motivated the Castro regime's firing squads that executed thousands of men, women, and children.” Yet, despite these horrific acts, Che Guevara is often touted as a figurehead of “revolutionary thought” by academic elitists and Leftist “thinkers” on college campuses.

In 2003, Young America’s Foundation founded Freedom Week as an initiative designed to help students “advance conservative ideals, honor America’s soldiers, and expose the Left’s antiquated ideology on their campuses.” This week, thousands of students from over 120 colleges and universities across the country will celebrate

Freedom Week with events, speeches, and dedications that will make this year’s movement a nation-wide assault on liberal indoctrination and slanderous teachings.

As a nation at war and a people looking forward to our next commander-in-chief, this year’s Freedom Week activists will especially remember our United States men and women in uniform on Veterans’ Day, as these soldiers labor for the maintenance of liberty overseas. Military recruiters are facing increasing opposition from college and university administrations, professors, and leftist student groups looking to block their positive message of service and sacrifice from reaching those students who may be “easily persuaded.” Fortunately, their treacherous tactics aren’t going unnoticed, with Young America’s Foundation exposing their agendas and holding them accountable to the students and American citizenry they attempt to disenfranchise.

Lindsay Boyd

Lindsay Boyd is the Director of Policy at the Beacon Center in Tennessee.