Lindsay Boyd

In 1994, some of our nation’s finest theologians banded together in defense of religious freedoms from the jaws of American courtrooms. Dr. James Dobson, the late Dr. Bill Bright, Dr. D. James Kennedy, and the late Dr. Larry Burkett and Marlin Maddoux founded the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) and have been a thorn in the side of the ACLU and other destructive forces ever since.

Currently, ADF is involved in cases across the country- ranging anywhere from a Montana Senior Center, Maryland High School, and an Austin Children’s Hospital, to UNC-Wilmington and a school district in Illinois. Their monumental victories include the recognition of an Inter-Varsity Fellowship Chapter at the University of Wisconsin-Superior, successful defense of a New Jersey church from political attacks, allowance of “Day of Truth” activities at Danbury High School, and ability to disperse government funds to a faith-based, non-profit organization.

Encroachment on rights to free speech in our academic institutions has become an increasingly common issue that ADF is resolved to combat with full force. Mike Adams, a beloved nationally syndicated columnist and a Townhall readers’ favorite, has been backed by ADF in his lawsuit against UNC-Wilmington. As a professor who didn’t adopt a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy to his personal political beliefs, Mike Adams was an “outed” conservative voice on the Wilmington campus. For that, he asserts, Adams was denied promotion and subjected to harassment by his superiors and the university administration.

One needn’t delve deeply into Adam’s records of academic excellence at UNC-Wilmington to find more than sufficient evidence of discrimination with an undoubtedly political agenda. Adams produced ten peer-reviewed publications, the number UNCW department chairs established as the “safe” benchmark to merit promotion to full professorship. Adams applied for full professorship in 2004, but was denied because of concerns from a feminist colleague about his “political activity”. Not only was Adams refused the promotion, but he was also reprimanded for his weekly nationally syndicated column.

In 2005, Adams completed his eleventh peer-reviewed publication, but was once again denied promotion by new department chair, Kimberly Cook, who described her ideal teaching candidate as being “a lesbian with spiked hair and a dog collar”.

The assault on conservative professors like Mike Adams has spread to an assault on conservative Christian students on campuses across the nation, backed with the institutional support of university administrations. The majority of ADF’s current litigations revolve around freedom of speech cases at colleges and universities.

Lindsay Boyd

Lindsay Boyd is the Director of Policy at the Beacon Center in Tennessee.