Lee Habeeb

And so I ask, who are the “Astroturf activists” now? Those people on the streets are not there as citizens, but as members of a powerful interest group, gathered to petition government for special treatment, with the DNC and Organizing for America coordinating the events on the ground from their offices in Washington DC.

But the numbers don’t add up for these Astroturfers. Wisconsin’s education union has a mere 98,000 members. But Wisconsin has nearly 5.7 million citizens. Back in an earlier time, I would have given the political advantage to the unions, with their big political spending machine, and their ties to the liberal mainstream press.

But the good old days are over, as the union bosses are about to learn. The times have changed, and the mood of the public has changed. So too has the way in which the electorate gets its information. The old media gatekeepers have less influence than ever. As New Jersey Governor Chris Christie well knows, he can broadcast directly to the people of his state through his You Tube encounters. He knows Americans will see those videos on Fox News, and also on the Drudge Report, Hot Air and other internet sites.

And he knows we in talk radio will take those You Tube speeches and play them directly to tens of millions of listeners across the country.

The Astroturf activists on the streets of Madison may think they are helping their cause, but the American people are watching. And they are judging--judging them and those officials we elected to serve taxpayer rather than union interests.

America’s Organizer in Chief, President Obama, weighed in on the issue last week, calling Governor Walker’s actions an “assault on the unions.” You bet they are. And if the Democrats get this issue wrong like they got ObamaCare wrong, they’ll be hearing from the American people once again in 2012.

And this time, it just might cost them the U.S. Senate and the White House.

Lee Habeeb

Habeeb is VP of Content at Salem Radio Network. He is a UVA Law graduate, and resides in Oxford, Mississippi.