Lee  Culpepper

Like Flair Griggs, Bernie Goetz carried a gun illegally thirty years ago when he defended himself on a New York City subway train. Surrounded by four bonafide hoodlums who had sized him up as “easy bait,” according to one of the teens, Goetz pulled his revolver and shot them all after they demanded his money.

On top of carrying the gun illegally, Goetz made another perilous decision to waive his Fifth Amendment right after he turned himself in to police. He provided a callous and controversial statement of his actions. As a result of his smug account concerning how he thwarted his teenage assailants’ robbery, Goetz quickly became portrayed as a racist villain.

The black teenagers who tried to rob Goetz on the train all had criminal records. Nevertheless, they were portrayed by FBI informant Al Sharpton and other liberals as innocent panhandling victims of a maniacal white vigilante and an unjust criminal system, which acquitted Goetz of attempted murder and first-degree assault. Perhaps it’s just a stereotype, but liberals almost always seem to find laws that prevent actual crimes unjust.

Goetz had actually applied for a firearm permit after a previous robbery in which three black youths slammed him through a plate-glass door and permanently injured his knee. However, authorities arbitrarily denied Goetz’s application citing an insufficient need. Since Goetz decided differently, the government sentenced Goetz to six months for carrying an unlicensed firearm at the time of the subway shooting. An appellate court changed the sentence to one year, and Goetz served eight months.

If only Flair Griggs were an individual like Bernie Goetz or George Zimmerman, Griggs’s case might then have sparked national outrage when prosecutors dropped their bogus murder charge against him. Instead, Griggs is merely another politically unhelpful black kid actually wronged by the system, as well as a counterproductive culture.

The cold reality is that Griggs would likely be another unknown black teen murdered had he not possessed a gun to defend himself from Gomez who had a stolen gun pointed at Griggs’s head.

But what anti-gun Democrat would ever risk demanding “Justice for Flair” considering irrefutable evidence like that?

Lee Culpepper

Lee Culpepper has served the United States as a Marine officer and less formerly as an undaunted-non-liberal English teacher and a substitute dad. The cultural divide Lee battled from leading Marines to motivating teenagers mired in public schools laid the foundation for his social and political commentary. Contact Lee Culpepper on Twitter @drcoolpepper or by email at drcoolpepper@gmail.com.