Lee  Culpepper

Today, only 24% of the entire Congress has ever served in the military. The selfless veterans of World War II and Korea have been replaced by men and women who grew up during Vietnam or following the end of the draft in 1973. Is there any wonder why such a waft of resentment for the military now permeates Congress? While military service does not necessarily guarantee that an individual will grasp leadership traits, I question whether politicians like Senator Boxer and her peers can accurately define words like judgment, justice, discipline, integrity, tact, bearing, unselfishness, courage, or loyalty. True leaders put what is best for those for whom they are responsible first. Boxer and her cronies obviously put themselves and re-election as their number one priority.

Furthermore, many of the veterans we have serving in Congress are unfortunately like Senator John Kerry and Congressman John Murtha, both of whom reek of anti-Americanism. What’s more disheartening is that we end up with presidential candidates like the current “Commander in Chief.” His socialist ideology and contemptuous attitude towards America only fuel speculation on the extreme Right that he may be some type of Islamic or communist mole.

Back to Senator Boxer: have you thought about what you would be called then, Ma’am?

Lee Culpepper

Lee Culpepper has served the United States as a Marine officer and less formerly as an undaunted-non-liberal English teacher and a substitute dad. The cultural divide Lee battled from leading Marines to motivating teenagers mired in public schools laid the foundation for his social and political commentary. Contact Lee Culpepper on Twitter @drcoolpepper or by email at drcoolpepper@gmail.com.