Lee  Culpepper

Before Wednesday night, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin already had a reputation as a steely-eyed killer of large, wild beasts. But today is there any doubt that Palin is also a daunting hunter of menacing critics and political corruption? Using disarming good looks and apex-predator skills, Palin cunningly lured the rabid-cutthroat-liberal media straight into a mortifying ambush.

The emboldened mob of Obama’s attack dogs foolishly rushed in to take a bite from what they deemed as Palin’s greatest weakness --inexperience. But to the horror of Obama supporters everywhere, Palin’s misleading “weakness” is actually one of the McCain camp’s calculated strengths.

Palin can now bring up executive experience at every opportunity: “My critics say I am inexperienced, and there may be some truth to that. But at least I am experienced. What executive experience do our opponents have? In fact, let’s talk specifically about my qualifications and achievements versus Barack Obama’s sheer void of any meaningful accomplishment.”

Is it any wonder Democrats would now prefer to avoid this issue?

As the McCain camp’s beautiful strategy continues to unfold, Obama’s mercenaries have realized their blunder too late. They cannot free themselves from the unforgiving jaws of reality. Consequently, the remainder of their marauding pack redirected its sites on much easier prey --namely Palin’s powerless, adolescent daughter.

Scavengers naturally behave this way. They tend to feed on the young and weak. What is most disturbing about these particular jackals is that they would surely be more euphoric if they could take down Palin’s unborn grandchild –targeting completely defenseless prey is the pack’s preferred “choice.”

In Texas, it is not uncommon to see coyote carcasses dangling from fence posts – a sign that the ranchers have had enough of the wretched creatures preying on vulnerable and valuable calves. Last night, Palin metaphorically draped Obama’s surrogates over the White House fences, and today America’s aghast elitists are trying to recover from the awesome display of Palin’s grace and power –this is a mama who can whip Obama and Biden with John McCain tied behind her back!

Since America’s left wing snobs have probably never watched an episode of Wild Kingdom, they failed to understand the effect that watching hyenas rip mouthfuls of flesh from baby animals has on the average viewer. Normal people tend to cheer for the protective mothers who charge in bravely to engage the opportunistic, snarling scoundrels attacking the mothers’ offspring. After Wednesday night, normal people are enthusiastically cheering for Sarah Palin and her impressive show of wit and guts.

Lee Culpepper

Lee Culpepper is a recovering high school English teacher and former Marine. He currently teaches firearm courses and has resumed his passion for writing.

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