Lee  Culpepper

Democrats also promote the idea that waterboarding three top al Qaeda terrorists -- done to obtain crucial intelligence that prevented other acts of terrorism -- is no different than our enemies’ mutilating American POWs or hostages for some sadistic pleasure. Again, the liberals’ hysteria over this issue perpetuates their position that Islamic terrorists are merely victims of evil Republicans. Like their theory that poverty causes crime, liberals believe Republicans cause Islamic terrorists to think all non-Muslims are infidels worthy of slaughter.

Finally, if Democrats were not trying to save terrorists from America, Barak Obama would not be so devoted to surrendering in Iraq. Wouldn’t a sudden end to the increasing number of dead terrorists and a premature American withdrawal from Iraq be the last thing terrorists are praying for?

“Yes we can” hope that Democrats’ handing out benevolent victories to Islamic terrorists will sooner or later debilitate the jihadists just as handing out welfare checks in America has incapacitated so many liberals. On the other hand, you could just vote Republican -- and pray that McCain chooses a great vice president.

Lee Culpepper

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