Lee  Culpepper

Nevertheless, Szymanski’s article seems more consistent with McCain’s track record than McCain’s own version of the story. According to the widow of POW and Navy pilot, Larry Van Renselaar, “I remember my husband saying, [McCain] was not well-liked [by other pilots] and thought of as a hot dog and a punk.” Does this sound consistent with what McCain’s “fellow” Republicans might think today?

Upon his heroic return to America, McCain’s repugnant propensity to look out for himself suddenly resurfaced. While he was a POW, McCain’s first wife, Carol Shepp, was involved in a horrible car accident. She was a former model, but the accident left her four inches shorter and on crutches. Though she suffered serious injuries, she refused to allow news of the accident to reach McCain in Vietnam, as she feared the news would only add to his suffering as a POW. Not long after his homecoming, however, McCain revealed his appreciation for her loyalty and faithfulness by engaging in extramarital affairs.

Six years later, McCain met Cindy Hensley. She was 25 and attractive. She was also the daughter of Jim Hensley, founder of the nation’s third largest Anheuser-Bush distributor. McCain divorced his wife and then married Hensley a month later. He followed her to Arizona where her millionaire father helped McCain begin his political career.

As a senator, McCain continues to conduct himself unfaithfully. He has betrayed his party time and again: McCain-Kennedy for amnesty of illegal immigrants (enough said); McCain-Feingold for campaign finance reform (suppressing free speech); McCain-Lieberman for energy tax (global warming); and McCain-Edwards for a Patient’s Bill of Rights (socialist medicine).

Is it any wonder McCain is a poster child for Democrats and EDS? Apparently, he has always needed a little artificial help to get the job done. He talks tough to compensate for his raspy little voice. But his tough “hawk” image mainly covers up his waning male virility.

Don’t be surprised if McCain joins real hero Bob Dole in Viagra commercials. Then again, McCain would probably jump to Cialis if Kennedy or Clinton would extend an invitation.

With his kind of loyalty, is it really all that ironic how hard McCain is on pharmaceutical companies?

Lee Culpepper

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