Lee  Culpepper

In the rare case of McCain’s hero image lasting longer than four hours, readers should seek immediate medical attention.

From McCain’s lackluster record at the Naval Academy to his self-important tenure as a United States Senator, John McCain has an eerie history of enlarging himself. Unfortunately, leadership is not about the size of one’s election. It’s about character, competence, and respect.

Like any poster child for the Democrats, former POW John McCain possesses the victim status necessary to insulate himself from factually transmitted criticisms – at least while he’s serving liberal purposes. However, most men are judged on how they conduct themselves throughout their entire lives, not on five ill-fated years in their pasts.

None of us know for sure what McCain experienced during his time as a POW. All we know is that he survived and came home while many other POWs did not. What was it about McCain that was different? Was it family heritage or was it his proclivity for compromising to get what he wants?

At the Academy, McCain rebelled and barely graduated. In The Nightingale’s Song (authored by fellow Naval Academy graduate Roger Timberg) McCain proves to be more of a playboy than a midshipman. Disobedience, demerits, and distraction mark McCain’s Academy days. Today, McCain continues to demonstrate that he lacks the self-discipline, tact, and integrity on which the Academy prides itself. The Academy’s honor code states clearly, “[Midshipmen] tell the truth and ensure that the full truth is known.”

Just this week, McCain demonstrated the value he places on honor. He intentionally misrepresented Governor Romney’s position on the war. But such behavior is consistent with McCain’s conduct throughout his life. However, it contrasts sharply with the heroic portrayal of McCain’s time as a POW. How did a man with McCain’s inferior track record suddenly become a super-human leader of fellow POWs?

In fact, an article by investigative journalist Greg Szymanski depicts John McCain as no friend to POW families. While the article clearly has a Ron-Paul-like feel, Szymanski raises many questions about McCain’s classified POW files. McCain is now the Democrats’ darling Republican, but one must expect these questions will come to light should McCain become the GOP Presidential Candidate. Regardless, McCain should open his POW files in the interest of honesty, as well as to eliminate speculative controversy.

Lee Culpepper

A former Marine Corps officer and a recovering high school English teacher, Lee Culpepper is a Christian, husband, writer, and mentor. Read and share other articles by Lee Culpepper at TheBlaze and BearingArms. Email Lee your feedback or inquiries here or contact Lee on Twitter @drcoolpepper.