Lee  Culpepper

After sexually molesting her 13-year-old student, 25-year-old middle school teacher Kelsey Peterson deported the illegally immigrated kid to Mexico. Peterson left the boy marooned south of the border when officials hauled her off to the local jail.

We now know that Peterson’s victim is an alleged gang member and father of a two-year-old child. One judge from the hoodlum’s past has described the boy as an “uncontrollable juvenile.” Peterson’s attorney, Jim Davis, also claims “the young man” is 16 years old, not 13. Moreover, the attorney suggests the teen is not a victim, but instead the aggressor who groomed the relationship.

Not surprisingly, Mexico wasted little time ejecting the child-molesting teacher from their country. Conversely, America will likely reward the illegally immigrated gang member. He and his family will probably receive American citizenship in exchange for the little thug’s testimony – compliments of the new “U” visa, which Congress passed to encourage illegal aliens to become victims of crimes.

Have we ever heard of a teacher-student sexcapade that did not strike us as jarringly bizarre?

When the crimes involve male teachers molesting adolescent females, we are all understandably repulsed by the details – no matter how handsome the felonious derelicts might be. However, when the molesting teachers are voluptuous women, some in society (Peterson’s attorney for example) question whether their victims are victims at all.

In Peterson’s case, however, the teacher does not enjoy the come-hither looks of a glamour model. As a result, the sultry details of her crime yielded quickly to the illegal immigration status of the unruly urchin that she molested.

On the other hand, the raunchy story of a sensuous-female teacher devouring one of her striplings always prescribes us an overdose of soft-porn news coverage. Some men openly declare that they wish they could have been so “lucky.” Meanwhile, debates flare up regarding whether the boys have suffered any physical or psychological harm -- particularly when the child-molesting teacher looks like the notorious Debra Lafave.

News producers and editors also devote significant coverage to discussing what makes these deranged and attention-needy women become sexually entangled with underage boys. But regardless of any logical answers concerning the women’s lustful actions, whatever deviant sexual arousal an adult woman could possibly receive from degrading herself with a pimple-farming teenage kid should make any mentally balanced person want to vomit.

Lee Culpepper

Lee Culpepper has served the United States as a Marine officer and less formerly as an undaunted-non-liberal English teacher and a substitute dad. The cultural divide Lee battled from leading Marines to motivating teenagers mired in public schools laid the foundation for his social and political commentary. Contact Lee Culpepper on Twitter @drcoolpepper or by email at drcoolpepper@gmail.com.